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Transfer Pricing Management Tool

The Core Modules of the Transfer Pricing Management Tool

Core Moduls TP Tool1.png

Flow Analyzer

The Flow Analyzer is a custom-built high-performance business intelligence solution which is optimized for operational transfer pricing purposes. Compared to traditional relational databases (SQL) or multidimensional cubes (OLAP), the Flow Analyzer uses an internally developed in-memory graph database


  • Integration of SAP- and non-SAP data

  • Comprehensive visualization of value flows

  • Interactive and flexible analysis of transactions at the speed of thought

  • Real-time change from “bird’s eye view” to complete transactional details

  • Consolidated margins

  • Plant, product, customer profitability

  • VAT compliance checks


Segmented P&L

Segmented reporting involves breaking down a company into its tax relevant segments and allocating its financial information to each segment. These segments are influenced by management decisions, external reporting rules, internal reporting standards and different tax jurisdictions


  • Flexible and fully customizable segmentation of P&L’s

  • Dynamic allocation of SG&A’s / OPEX costs

  • Multidimensional segmentation (cluster/transactions)

  • Direct and indirect allocation of overheads

  • Automated overhead forecast

  • Manual postings (e.g. corrections, year-end adjustments)


Push Workbench

The Workbench Module calculates the transfer prices automatically on product level. For each defined segment it calculates new transfer prices based on the legal requirements such as target net margins, custom rules (external rules), customized parameters or thresholds (internal rules). Same as with the P&L Segmentation, the Workbench comes along with comprehensive forecasting support.  The forecasts can be either automatically generated by the module (based on best practice controlling methods) or manually entered by the end users


  • Fully automated calculation of TP’s and real-time impact simulation on product level

  • Comprehensive automated consideration of compliance requirements (target net margins, customs rules, VAT, etc.) along the complete value chain

  • Manual, custom or fully automated forecasting capabilities on product and/or transaction level

  • Automatic download, validation of transfer prices including audit proof upload into SAP

  • Price setting strategies (target Ebit, target mark-ups, raw materials, intermediates, etc.)

Pull Negotiation

The Pull Negotiation module offers flexibility in cases where the automated transfer price calculation is either not possible, not permitted or not wanted. Typical examples are the price determination for new products, new trade relations, special transportation modes, slow movers, dead stocks, key raw materials, etc.


  • Integrated and fully documented negotiation workflow
  • Negotiation and case-by-case transfer price management in special cases such as negotiation of transfer prices for new products, slow movers, critical raw materials, strategic trading goods, transfer prices in changed business models, difficult regulatory environment, etc.
  • Improved alignment of operational transfer pricing needs with operational business requirements
  • Order-to-cash friendly process through automated, validated and audit-proof upload of transfer prices directly into SAP

Price List

The Price List provides the user with a customizable and interactive real-time updated transfer price list. Existing conditions in SAP can be conveniently compared and changed with the Price List through the bi-directional SAP interface


  • Global overview of all maintained and valid transfer prices on product and trade relation level

  • Direct interface to ERP system for price maintenance and price download (price validation)

  • Different export templates for further processing (e.g. maintenance of purchase info records or standard price adjustments)

  • Automatic creation of new and additional conditions (improves OtC process)

Tax Board

The Tax Board with all relevant key information for a fast and efficient risk assessment. The user can directly jump from the tax board to the other modules. All information can be exported into TP documentation and presentations


  • Dashboard with all relevant key information for a fast and efficient risk assessment
  • User can directly jump from the tax board to the other modules –> automatic deep dive
  • Information can be exported into TP documentation and presentations
  • Simulation of global tax rates (impact of transfer price management)

Let's get started.



Teaming up with our experienced team members lets you work smarter without wasting valuable time and resources. Our transfer pricing experts and software developers understand your unique business challenges, and the complexities of organizing, managing, and supporting successful business process digitalization projects. That’s how we help accelerate the implementation process for you, minimizing your risk and increasing your success, and adding high value to your operational transfer pricing process.


Our consultants and developers will always take care of your evolving business needs before, during and even beyond the implementation of the Transfer Pricing Management Tool. We provide highly responsive support to resolve your business questions when they arise so that the productivity of your staff and operations is never at risk.


Software architecture design and one-on-one consultations are mission critical phases in the software development process – which is why we assign this challenging task only to our most qualified and experienced colleagues. They set the course to ensure everything works seamlessly together at the end of the process and you receive the solution that best meets your needs. Our software architecture and service-oriented architecture (SOA) experts are thoroughly committed to developing a practical, long-term solution for you.


Innovation has highest priority and is the only way to guarantee the business agility needed to keep up with fast-changing markets and regulations. The key to rapid, targeted innovation is open collaboration. We work tirelessly with our customers, transfer pricing experts, PwC and third-party developers to create and invest in innovative solutions for today and tomorrow.




Global monitoring of net margins, automated calculation of transfer prices, automated calculation of transfer pricing adjustments



Complexity and cost reduction, as well as automation of manual processes



Global process harmonization and single source of TP related financials



The fully modular concept supports a tailor-made implementation



Supports different ERP systems, seamless integration into existing setups, handling of complex operating models



Detailed value chain, dynamic and automated segmentation, full audit trail

On- and Offline

on and offline

Allows to work on and offline and upload changes when having internet access


latest technology

Scalable and secure solution due to

in-memory graph database, zero-knowledge data store and blockchain

Proof of Concept

proof of concept

Experience the TP Tool with your own data and without obligations

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users

No restriction in the number of users

Unique Interface

Unique interface

Direct upload and monitoring of transfer prices in your ERP system

Software as a Service in Transfer Pricing


Predictable project, implementation and maintenance efforts

Proof of Concept


Real-time visibility is important in making timely informed decisions. When information can be accessed instantly, without wasting resources on permanent data extraction, validation and processing, the project team is better informed and can make more accurate and faster decisions.


A proof of concept is more elaborate than a standard software demo or sales presentation because it familiarizes the client with the complete range of the solution’s capabilities and provides hands-on experience to managers, IT personnel, and users. The proof of concept will support the project team with its ability to perform real-time validations, analytics and simulations.


Evaluate the quality and reliability of Optravis services and experience.

In addition to using the TP Management Tool in the project environment, the proof of concept enables the client to experience the Optravis services.

Business case

Justify the software solution to upper management

As company budgets tighten, it has become more difficult to justify enterprise software purchases and get upper management to sign off on them. A proof of concept gives Optravis the opportunity to demonstrate the product’s benefits including its return on investment (ROI) to upper management.

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